Saturday, September 14, 2013

EDLD 5397 Week 3 Web Conference with Dr. Borel

Dr. Borel provided very clear information regarding our assignment and our action research project. She went through the APA style of writing and helped us work through some of the problems in our homework. She then explained how the competencies in our internship plan should be separated. We can use the same activity for more than one competency, but each of the 38 competencies should be on a separate line in the form, and we should reflect on each activity as it applies to that competency. Dr. Borel encouraged us to start our action research paper right away, if we had not already done so. She reminded us that there were many parts to it that had to be completed, and if we wait until late next week to start, it will be a huge challenge to get finished. She explained parts 1,2,3, and the reference sections and answered our questions about the project, as well as the homework. I have found these web conferences to be most helpful in this class. Dr. Borel puts a lot of thought and plans the web conferences in a very organized way.