Thursday, January 31, 2013

Action Planning Template – Lori Ramsey
Goal:  To Incorporate Technology into the Elementary Classrooms in an Effective Way
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources

Research District Goals related to technology and observe the use of technology in classrooms.

Lori Ramsey

January 2013

District Website

Compare district goals to current practices in classrooms.

Determine which classes I will be observing and meet with teachers

Lori Ramsey
Renee’ Cummings, Teachers involved

January 2013-February 2013

List of third grade classrooms

Create a chart to use to record technology use in the classroom.

Lori Ramsey

February 2013

Excel spreadsheet, list of available technology.

Determine when I will observe the classes and create a schedule.

Lori Ramsey,
Renee’ Cummings,

February 2013

Excel spreadsheet, list of technology available, schedule of the use of technology.

Principal’s approval of schedule
Collect data to include use of technology, as well as district benchmarks and STARR tests.

Lori Ramsey

February 2013- April 2014

Excel spreadsheet

Results or benchmarks and state tests.
Compare the data of the classroom that used technology and the ways it was used to the classroom that did not use technology.

Lori Ramsey

December 2013-May 2014

Benchmarks, STAAR, and other data collected

Analyze the results and establish growth trends of the students.

Lori Ramsey

December 2013-May 2014

Results of the Study

Results of comparison
 Reflect upon findings and draw conclusions; discuss with principal and assistant principals.

Lori Ramsey, Principals

December 2013 -  May 2014

 Data from study

Results of the study

Plan and implement a program with all classes using technology.

Lori Ramsey, Instructional technology and Curriculum team

May 2014


Continue to observe technology used in the classrooms and look for new ways to increase effectiveness.

Lori Ramsey

May 2014

Continuous research on current trends


  1. I didn't know if you wanted to include when you would complete the research and have a summary at the end.

    Looks very organized and structured.

  2. I like how you carry your project past just analyzing the data and will continue to monitor for increased effectiveness. It made me realize that I should probably add a similar step as well. Great planning!

  3. Are you using any computer program to help you analyze the data?