Saturday, January 26, 2013

This has been a week full of new inquires prompted not only from the reading we have been doing for our research class, but also the classes and meetings I have been a part of for my district.  It seems that there are many areas that deserve action based research, and narrowing my topic was difficult.  After talking to my site supervisor, I was able to focus on the primary area of my job which is technology.  I love seeing the students come alive when given technology like iPads.  I was in classes this week that were using  them not just for the apps that allow practicing basic skills, but to create and share ideas in a collaborative way which requires much more critical thinking.  My action research project will focus on the ways technology is used and how it affects academic achievement.  I am still working on the details as to which classes I will be observing, and what measures I will use.  But I believe the outcomes of this study will allow me to be better in my job in providing meaningful and effective practices with technology.  This will, in turn provide our students with the much needed technological skills that will be required in middle and high school and even beyond - at least I hope.  I want to be the leader in this area that teachers need to see and hope that by providing meaningful trainings, I will help create a positive attitude in staff towards the changes that are coming.

This is a picture of some of our youngest students working with the iPads. ( I just had to share.)


  1. I love technology, so I think you project will be great, can't wait to read about it and possibly use some of your research to benefit my school :)

  2. I really enjoy this topic! If every child had an IPad the possibilities would be endless! Less paper being used, homework to be sent to the teacher and never "eaten by the dog" or lost! The sharing as we do between students would a great way to have students help one another. Creating their journals online would be wonderful to share with their parents, friends, and would be a great way to see their writing skills progress! Great plan, and I am excited to hear about your research as we continue through our courses!

  3. Thank you for sharing the cute pic! How wonderful that the students are able to use iPads in the classroom. I love your topic and am really interested in learning new ways that students can use technology in the classroom. I agree with what you said about providing meaningful trainings to teachers. A positive attitude is a must for teachers facing changes in their school or practice!

  4. This is a great topic! You will gather lots of research in this area and I will be eager to see the results. Just the "spark" that children have while dealing with technology is amazing. They are not afraid to try something new!

    1. Would love for you to follow my blog! :)