Friday, February 8, 2013

Tool 8.1 CARE Model: Planning Tool

Examining What We Do to Improve Our Schools Sandra Harris, Stacey Edmonson, Julie Combs

Tool 8.1 CARE Model: Planning Tool
Identify Concerns that must change (look to the future)

(Assign points to concerns from 1 to 3 in the order of the most important issues to consider.)
1.   Technology must be used in ways that increase student learning and academic performance.
2.   Students must learn to be producer when using technology and not just consumers of information.
3.  Technology must support the curriculum and be worked into the daily lesson naturally.

Identify Affirmations that must be sustained (look to the present)

(Assign points to affirmations from 1 to 3 in the order of the most important issues to consider.)
1.  Teachers must continue to grow in their knowledge of technology use in the classroom.
2.  Instructional Technology Department must continue to offer training to support teachers.
3.  Technology must continue to be used in all subject areas.

SMART Recommendations that must be implemented:
(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely)

(Assign points to recommendations from 1 to 3 in the order of the most important recommendations to implement.)
1.  Technology programs that require critical thinking skills will be implemented into the classrooms in an effort to increase student achievement.  Instructional technology coordinator will identify programs to use based on research of apps and websites.
2.  Students will use the technology programs to produce projects related to the subjects being studied.
3.  Technology will be used daily and incorporated into the curriculum. 

EVALUATE – Specifically and Often

(Identify the best ways to evaluate the implemented recommendations.)
1.  Data from the STAAR tests from last year and this year will be compared to determine student growth.
2.  Technology use in the classroom will be documented as to how often and what technology is being used.
3. The data from the STAAR tests and the technology used will be compared to determine the effectiveness of the technology in academic performance.



  1. One thing that seems to be a growing trend is that many kids are very up to date on a lot of the social technologies but I'm not so sure about educational technology. It is important to train the students as well as all the teachers to make sure it remains a positive tool.

  2. I agree with Scott on his comment! Your SMART recommendations are great! I think that it's so important that all the advances in technology be used in the classroom, but I also think that schools will need to advance in the guidelines of such use. Technology can be a powerful tool, but it must be implemented with guidelines to monitor its use. It needs to be a learning tool and be productive, not just something the kids do for fun! I look forward to your research and good work! Would love for you to follow me and comment at

  3. Like to see how much technology you are incorporating! Are you in the Ed. Tech program? If not, you should be! lol. I definitely enjoyed reading your CARE model and being able to see the key points from your action research plan to your model.

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